Hurricane Michael – How you can help!



As everyone knows, Hurricane Michael hit yesterday afternoon as a Category 4 hurricane, devastating Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach, Florida, just 90 miles south of us here in Navarre.

Many are left without homes, food, water, and/or transportation. If you are able to help or are wanting to know how, I have listed some links below. Donations, whether it is money, food, or clothing, helps a ton for those who have nothing left.





RED CROSS – donations can be accepted directly through this link, or you can send by mail, or donate by phone:


SALVATION ARMY:!/donation/checkout




DELIVERING GOOD – donations accepted through here can be products or cash donations:


There are tons of other organizations to go through. These are just a few to help get started!

Remember that “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”, especially when it is all that people have left!

Prayers to those that were affected by Hurricane Michael!







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