Simpson Family at Holland Farms

Let me introduce you to the Simpson family! We have mom (Taler), dad (Ryan), and sweet baby (Caroline). We had this bright and beautiful session out at Holland Farms in Milton, Florida, which is one of my favorite places to go during the fall season. Their sunflower fields are coming to an end now, but we were able to get some beautiful shots that day – in full sun; Which I might add, is NOT easy, folks! But we did it, and it was glorious <3


I took this sweet family’s photos just a few months ago when Caroline was just a few days old. Well, now at four months, she is just as darling as she was brand new – a living doll! I mean, come on…look at this EYES!


Till next time, you guys! <3

Photography :

Holland Farms in Milton, Florida : http://hollandfarmsonline.com2018-11-02_0002.jpg

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